I’ve been doing a new kind of daily (-ish*) draw this year that is working well. I think I made it up, inasmuch as anything under the sun is truly new. I am a voracious book reader, and what I do is surely the culmination of ideas of those I consider my teachers through their many books.

A one card draw for me is usually not quite satisfying enough. My tendency is to interpret the card, and then get curious and pick another card or two (or three) to get a little more info or insight into my day or, more accurately for how I read, my mindset of the day. What had potential to work as a quick timely check-in becomes more of a drawn out chore, and  because of that I was neglecting regular daily (-ish) readings for myself.

Earlier this year, I switched it up to a three card draw. I shuffle the deck, then cut it once (usually). I then pull a card from the middle of the pack. This is my general card of the day pick. I then take the card at the very top of the deck, plus the card at the bottom, and lay them out. The card pulled from the top represents the overlying things to keep in mind during the day. It might be about the superficial stuff, it might be about the details. The bottom card is the deeper stuff to keep in mind. I see it as a more general undercurrent of the day, or perhaps a larger theme of the week, season, or longer time period.

I have to say it has been a most satisfying way to go! It has limits and boundaries, which I welcome. It also offers the satisfaction of being a little more in-depth than a one card draw. So far the readings have felt pretty spot on. I keep a journal for my readings, and find that this is also fairly quick to write up each day for reference, or as a way to make sense of the three cards together.

I can imagine it evolving a bit, perhaps, but ultimately I can see this one working for me for a while.

Try it! Does it work for you? Do you do something similar for your daily(-ish) draw? Did you mix it up a bit in terms of how you use it? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!



*-ish..because no pressure!