I’ve been reading & playing tarot since I was a pre-teen and got my first deck at one of the best bookstores in my world in the then funky and low key town of Hermosa Beach (sadly the store is now closed). I was attracted to the woo, no doubt, and the big questions in general. I was getting into punk rock at the same time I got a tarot deck, my personal world had been a bit shattered, and I was questioning everything while being dissatisfied with my place in the world and the answers I was being given.

Over three decades later, I’m still playing tarot–I use that verb, play, very purposefully, to remind myself that while I take tarot seriously, I try not to take myself too seriously–and it has become like a trusted elder. I am not psychic, and I don’t believe that tarot tells some pre-scripted future. I do think tarot can force/invite/require/open us to asking some questions about where we are, were, and want to be, and maybe let us see doors, choices, or options that we didn’t even know were there, along with helping us making level-headed decisions. There is a side to tarot that reminds me of meditation, a sort of taking stock of the now to make choices about  the future (aka, the next now!).  Tarot has helped me get over myself more times than I can count, and it makes me laugh (and yeah, sometimes tear up a bit, and it makes me say ‘wow’ a lot…plus those ‘trusted elders’ can be cranky and blunt sometimes). At the moment this is a personal blog where I will share readings, talk about different decks I use, maybe jones for some new decks, and write up some of my interpretations. I also love reading and sharing the history of tarot decks and users, and the esoteric stories of folks that came before.

I read for myself and for friends. If you are interested in a getting a reading from me, drop me a line and I’ll send you my information so we can correspond and see if it is a good fit. Any readings done for another person are done in complete confidence.